The bush telegraph

Private Kruger guides stay in radio contact over wide tracts of land, with varying levels of discretion in doing so.They communicate using words for animals from local languages so that your surprise is not spoiled when, on rounding a corner, you encounter a lion pride immediately after a kill.

Nkorho guide on radio

You may find that your relaxed sundowner drinks are abruptly curtailed when some wild dogs on the rampage get reported ten kilometres away.

Wild dogs at Motswari

Night drives are on the menu at many of these venues, and subsequent entertainment is provided in the form of tall tales around the camp fire. Whilst you may not notice, information is being shared about possible locations for the next morning’s sightings. If you show particular interest, you may  be woken to go to witness a kill in the middle of the night, if you so choose.

Hyena on night drive at Tydon Safaris

Some lodges offer private vehicles to enhance your privacy. Other vehicles are converted for specialist use such as photography.

All lodges, including private ones, abide by a set of rules as to where vehicles go and what they can do. Their range is referred to as the lodge’s “traverse” and the size of this and other notable features such as access to water are factors to take into account in choosing your accommodation.