Sabi Sand ultra-exclusives

Three lodge groupings operate as private game reserves within the Sabi Sand area. They do not share land with each other or any other lodge.

Dry season on the Sand River, James Soucher

Each lodge has its own large swathe of Sand river frontage and extensive private traversing on both sides of its banks. Around two-thirds of the river runs through these reserves. They offer superlative year-round sightings as game is drawn to the perennial water.

Mhungene pride drinking at Londolozi, Kevin Power

These lodges follow a low-impact, high-value tourism model. Fewer guests pay a premium for the privilege of experiencing vast open spaces. The lodges sustain the wilderness areas and their resident wildlife, while providing an exclusive safari experience for you as a guest.
k2c Sabi Sand ultra-exclusives map

Singita BouldersRattray's CampSable CampLondolozi Tree CampSingita EbonyFounder's CampVarty CampMalamala Main CampSabi Sand NorthSingitaLondoloziMalamalaSabi Sand SouthCastletonSabi Sand West

Note that Sabi Sabi in the southern Sabi Sand is similar in approach but lacks the bountiful river frontage of these properties. Earth Lodge is the majestic frontispiece.

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