Price & value

People might ask what value using a travel expert provides. Firstly, we do not charge you for our services- the lodges and service providers that we use usually pay a commission to reflect the time we spend in designing a safari for you.

Organising a safari up to your expectations is complicated and challenging. It needs a lot of research and insight. Most safaris, and almost all good ones, are organised through experts who do this for you.

The lodges and providers recognise that this is a vital part of getting people to find out about them, however excellent their proposition. This means that it is rarely in their interests to provide different rates for bookings for people that come to them directly asking them to beat an expert quote.

In fact, because we bring a lot of business to lodges, we get wholesale rates and pass some of the savings on to you. We always do our best to negotiate good deals for you, and usually have a good idea of where they can best be had.

Our mission is to help you make the most of your budget and have the best safari we can work with you to put together. We point out which are the best value for money Kruger lodges.

Read about our safari price ranges (two to seven money bags).