Experience, expertise, insight

We are independent and privately-owned. This is our company; these are our recommendations and our reputation is on the line. No-one has more interest in you having a great safari than us. We want you to come back and recommend us to your friends and colleagues.

To provide the best service to you, we only use knowledgeable and experienced staff to provide you with our impartial advice.

This means that all of our itineraries are practical and achievable. You would be surprised how many people come with strange ideas of how far/ fast they are going to be able to drive on your average African road, for example. We help you to set realistic expectations. And fulfil your safari dreams.

We spend all of our time crafting safaris for people like you, because we are interested in it and enjoy helping you to have a wonderful safari experience. Because that is all we do, we spend lots of time to ensure that we are always up-to-date. This means that we have a good view on special offers and deals in the market, and incorporate them into your safari.

Factors on the ground effect your trip and change, sometimes quickly. Lodges change management or ownership, guides move on, or the food goes downhill. We have our fingers on the pulse. We spend our time sending people on safari and always ask for their detailed thoughts on their experience, which we add to our own observations, and share with you.

We are familiar with the Lodges that we recommend through regular visits. We invest time and effort in this and also attending trade shows such as Indaba and the World Travel Market. So you don’t have to. We also take plenty of photographs, record sound and make video, some of which you will see around the site. We hope that this helps give you a flavour of what to expect.

We organise your safari AND all things that go with it. This means securing appropriate accommodation (before, during and after) and transport (flights, transfers, hire cars) to match up with it. It means providing advice – where to go on Safari, when to go on Safari, what to pack for Safari, what other activities you should not miss. We also point out some things for you to consider – vaccinations, visas, insurance, safety.

We enjoy working with people to make their dream safaris come true. By spending time talking to us, and with us helping you be clear exactly what it is that you want, together we have the best chance of organising a safari that will really please you.