Rhino Post Lodge

Lions at Rhino Post waterhole

Pleasant riverbed location

Rhino Post has a pleasant location next to the bed of the seasonal Mutlumuvi river with game viewing from the main viewing deck at a small waterhole. We recommend this lodge when used with its walking operation, RWS Plains Camp.

Drives in Kruger Park from Rhino Post

Drives confined to roads

Rhino Post is at one extreme of a 120 square kilometre concession in south Kruger. This is zoned as wilderness so, unusually for private lodges, off-road driving is not permitted under any circumstances.

Firebreak game drive at Rhino Post

Limited concession network

There is a network of gravel roads within the concession but drives may not deviate off these in pursuit of sightings and they are not particularly dense. Quite a lot of driving is done outside the concession on Kruger Park roads as a consequence.

Lion on Kruger road at night, Rhino Post

Krruger roads at night

Rhino Post does score in having unique after-hours access to 170km of roads in the public park which are not otherwise accessible. These are used for game drives.  You will encounter folk driving around in their own vehicles if you are on the tar roads when the restcamp gates are open.

Kruger's closed gates

The public Kruger roads after dark are interesting nevertheless – animals are drawn to the residual heat after the sun goes down. We have seen the Big Five here in a single (long) drive after dark.

Rhino Post suite interior

Comfortable suites

The lodge sleeps sixteen people in eight suites. Each is stylishly decorated and includes a spacious bedroom with views of the riverbed from the bathroom, outdoor shower and patio deck.

Rhino Post dining deck


Facilities are commensurate with lodges at the same price level – dining is a communal buffet. There is a good sized pool. Massages are available in your suite. However, given its traversing limitations, it serves best as a base camp for trails elsewhere.

Suited best as base camp to trail
Acclimatise here before trail
Stay if you sleep-out for some comfort
Drives principally on public park roads
Unlike Plains Camp, guides often junior
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