RWS Plains Camp

Plains Camp aerial view

Pioneer tradition

Plains Camp is built in the pioneer tradition like a 19th century naturalists’ retreat. It nestles in an Acacia Knobthorn thicket overlooking a Timbitene plain and a waterhole. Four luxury African explorer-style tents accommodate 8 guests, usually for three or five day walking trails.

Plains Camp shower

Home comforts

Tents have hot water and home comforts, plus wilderness on your doorstep. Showers are mounted on tree trunks. Electricity comes from the sun and from generator batteries which power fans and can charge your camera.

Relaxation time

There is a communal lounge and dining area with an outside fireplace. An Africana book collection and antique treasures evoke a golden era.

Rhinos on foot at Rhino Walking Safaris, David Manttan
David Manttan

Rhino often on foot

The full name of the camp is Rhino Walking Safaris Plains Camp. It is not surprising therefore to find rhino – black and white – on foot. It is remarkable how closely these animals allow you to approach (safely).

Elephants at Plains Camp waterhole

Elephant in camp

Elephant are frequent visitors to the camp.

Walking from Plains Camp

Morning walks

Morning walks last for 3-4 hours, guided by two armed rangers. They take place early in the morning (the earlier the better!) and after tea in the afternoon. They can be lengthened or shortened depending on your desire and fitness.

Different world

Walking offers a different pace and perspective, compared to drives. Take time to identify animals, trees, grasses, insects, birds. Learn the medicinal uses of plants. Guides touch on bush culture, local folklore and show you basic tracking and survival skills.

Evening drives

Your guide and tracker have a vehicle in camp at your disposal for evening drives where you can explore further afield. These can lead to more opportunities to see the Big Five and the nocturnal and crepuscular creatures that you may not (want to) encounter on foot.

Set departures

Trails depart from Rhino Post to Plains Camp on Tuesdays (2 or 3 nights), and Fridays and Sundays for 2 nights (or multiples of 2 nights).

Sleep-out platforms at Plains Camp

Sleep-out platforms

The three-day trails allow for an optional (highly recommended) night sleeping out on platforms located 40 minutes walk away from Plains Camp.

Total & intimate bush immersion
Sleep an extra night up a tree
Big Five on foot
Night drives to expand range
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