Private Kruger luxury

The service and comfort levels are high in the private lodges. You will find creature comforts such as double beds which do not feature in the public park (rondavels offer only twin beds). If you are a family, you can share a suite with multiple bed- and bath- rooms. Or choose to have your own space and pursue activities together during the day.

You are going to find en-suite facilities; welcome additions such as outdoor showers and private game viewing decks abound. Considerable amounts have been spent on obtaining and enhancing the location by building new facilities, and  innovation and improvements continue to be made.

Most private lodges have swimming pools, a library and a bar area. You have somewhere pleasant to retire to during the heat of the day between activities.There is most probably a spa offering treatments and massage, a decent gym, and a curio shop.

There is much more to do than in the public Kruger including entertainment in the evening.

Some lodges offer specific programmes for families with kids. Others specialise in entire camp take-overs by a family or group, when you really can do what you want, when you want.