How we work with you

It’s a good idea to start by having a look around our site to get a feel for the things that we organise. These are not fixed tours, although a few have set departure dates (such as photography workshops, some of the walking trails) where other people will join you. Most are created for you to best meet your needs.

View of the escarpment from Balule

When you have got a rough idea of the ‘whats’ and ‘whens’ of your safari, we ask you to answer a few short questions, and give us your best contact details. We prefer to communicate electronically because we work across time zones and outside normal office hours.

Lion at RWS Plains Camp

When there are several people involved in creating your safari – for example if someone is working on a Kruger section and someone else on an extension to the Cape – written communication enables us to keep an overall view of your itinerary and desires up-to-date. It should also prevent us asking you the same question more than once.

Cape Town's table mountain at night

You will not be bombarded with phone calls, instant messages, or even emails. We co-ordinate our efforts to try and talk to you when there are a few queries to be resolved or choices to be made. We give you updates on our progress when there is something useful to say. To make planning simple and to give you time to look at our stuff when it suits you, we communicate by email. We often also schedule a review call by telephone towards the end of the process if we all feel that it would be useful.

So when you first get in touch, please do give us an idea of where you are starting from. Some people come to us with little more than a desire to experience a safari; some have done some research on-line, have recommendations from friends, or have a very clear idea of where they want to go and what they want to do. Some people talk about ‘sometime next year’; some have flights booked already, whilst others are looking for last minute bargains. Please tell us as much as you can about your circumstances.

The reason for your holiday (the ‘why’) is of particular interest to us: if it is a family reunion or a group when visiting friends resident in Southern Africa then we will make different suggestions to those we would make to a Honeymoon couple on their first visit to Africa. If you have a burning desire to see a Pels Fishing Owl in its natural habit, or to walk in the wild with the Big Five, it would be good for us to know.

The better we can get to understand where you are coming from and what you want from your safari, the better are the chances that we are going to create something that we are all really pleased with. We look forward to working with you to come up with something really special!