The Outpost

Surveying the Luvuvhu floodplain from The Outpost

Architectural gem

The Outpost is an architectural gem, with open sided rooms positioned along the crest of a hill. Spectacular views extend over the Luvuvhu river floodplain and towards the Lebombo mountain foothills in Mozambique.

View from the bath at The Outpost

Rooms with no walls

The spaces have no walls, and 180º of the exterior opens up to the most fantastic views with a balcony running along the front. Furnishing is elegantly minimal, with the eye drawn to the floodplain below. Should the rains come, retractable walls appear at the push of a button.

Pristine remote location

Twelve unique open “spaces” (accommodation quarters) spread out along a spectacular 500m outlook. Room 12 is the one with the best view of all – higher numbers go up the hill and farther from the main area.

Unique access

The Outpost traverses areas not accessible to the public, notably Lanner Gorge, home to the falcon of that name. Sundowners can be taken at a fabulous viewpoint overlooking hippos and crocodiles, where a chief reputedly threw his enemies to their death.

Walking at the Outpost

Superb walking

Makuleke is ideal for walking. Dotted with thousand year old baobab trees, there are sandstone gorges, flood plains, and large fever tree forests. It is remote and little developed, with 1 other operator in 240 square kilometres. You won’t see other vehicles: roads are few and far apart, mainly those laid out by park rangers.

Hordes of plains game

Game is relatively abundant here due to the water – the Luvuvhu is one of only five perennial rivers in the Kruger. When other water sources begin to dry up during the winter dry season (March to November), large herds of elephant and buffalo characterise the game.

Big Five

Whilst not the most obvious Big Five destination, lion, leopard and rhino are all here, as are plentiful hippo and crocodile. The area is noted for more unusual and rarely seen antelope: sable, roan and tsessebe. Eland roam the floodplains.

Elephants crossing the Limpopo in dry season

Limpopo river

The Limpopo riverbed is a spectacular sight all year round: Rudyard Kipling described it as “great, grey-green and greasy”. The confluence of three countries is at Crooks Corner. You can wander across in the dry season to Zimbabwe.

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