Five money bags


These lodges occupy prize positions in the Greater Kruger, both from the perspective of game viewing and location, and have access to large amounts of land. Service and comfort levels are consistent with top grade international accommodation.

daily sharing pp
South African Rand, ZAR
USD Dollar, USD
Euro, EUR
Pound Sterling, GBP
R 6,000
$ 311
€ 287
£ 246
R 8,500
$ 440
€ 406
£ 348

Shumbalala lodge panorama from river


These lodges are excellent. They do not lose sight of the fact that your principal reason for being there is to be in the wild and, whilst extremely comfortable, they are not over-the-top in terms of luxury.

Elephants at Ngala Safari Lodge deck


Most are located in areas where game relies on secondary water sources, such as waterholes, pans and seasonal rivers, so the lodges do not attract the premium attached to prime perennial river frontage. It is not worth their while focussing on luxury in their lodges when you will be away from them for most of the day spending time with game. Prices are kept down as a consequence.

Pafuri Camp bar


The five money bag lodges that are on year-round rivers tend to be in areas which are harder to get to, such as the two groups on the banks of the Luvuvhu river in north Kruger, an area we highly recommend for scenery and value.


These lodges allow up to ten guests on a game vehicle.

Chasing leopard at Honeyguide


The lodges often have up to four full drives in progress at a time, making them larger than the six and seven money bag lodges and accommodating between 20 and 40 guests in total. However the shared traversing ranges are 60 to 100 square kilometres in size, so there is plenty of opportunity for undisturbed exploration.

Riverbed drive at Hamiltons Tented Camp


The private concessions in the Kruger operate mostly in this price range. Concessions have unique access and traversing rights over 10,000-15,000 hectares of the park zoned for your exclusive use. They are accorded the same privileges as private reserve owners in driving off-road and in offering night drives and morning walks.

Open kitchen at Jock Safari lodge


The levels of comfort are five star. The food tends to be restaurant style service from a menu, but there will also be plenty of opportunity to watch your food being cooked, and to eat, around the fire. These lodges tend not to have spas. Massages may be available in your suite or on the deck, and there may be a gym.

Clientele: once-in-a-lifetime visitors, honeymooners, people who have saved up for a particularly special experience.