Helicopter flips over Kruger

Mpumalanga Helicoper Co at Leopard Hills


A helicopter flip is an outstanding way of seeing the drama of the Blyde River Canyon, offering up vistas that you can’t even get by microlight or balloon. You’re up there with the eagles and vultures soaring on the thermals of the Drakensberg.

Helicopter at Blyde waterfalls


Swoop through canyons, gorges and lush valleys. Hover above rivers and waterfalls: the Mac-Mac and Berlin falls are spectacular from the skies. And the general view is glorious.

View from helicopter over Blyde


A helicopter flight is a great way of viewing game and getting a sense of how the fauna goes about its business in the matrix of the bushveld – how it all works. Major game highways, hidden waterholes, and unseen wallows hove into view.

Buffalo from helicopter at Londolozi


The whole area springs into perspective from above, and you begin to see how a good guide can figure out where animals have come from and what they are up to. Some private reserves permit low flying, exhilarating in itself to whizz a few hundred feet over the bush!

Helicopter lunch from Kings Camp


We can arrange for you to be picked up by helicopter from most of the Private Lodges for a trip up into the Blyde River Canyon. Head into the mountains for a silver service lunch with some bubbly refreshment on a table with a view, all by chopper.

Blyde Canyon by chopper


There are different versions of this serene and uplifting experience, with various highlights and durations – the Three Rondavels, the Pinnacle, God’s Window, the potholes at Bourke’s Luck. “Flips” usually last from 30 mins to 2.5 hours, and the price varies accordingly.

Helicopter lodge transfer


If you have a specific interest in mind and a group of you to share the cost, you can go all over the place (subject to airspace rules, needless to say). We can even arrange a helicopter for your transfers between lodges, or to get back to the main airports for connecting flights.

Helicopter taxi


You could go for a day trip to Pilgrims Rest — fly in, explore the ancient mining town and enjoy a drink at the Royal Hotel before returning in the utmost luxury. Fly in to Leopard creek for golf.

Helicopter at Kruger lodge runway


Most lodges have places to land. If you can, it is best to join at a central departure point. Most of the operators of this activity are around the margins of the southern Kruger in places such as Hazyview, Nelspruit and Malelane.

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