Singita Sabi Sand (2 lodges)

The beating heart of Sabi Sand, Singita, appropriately meaning “Place of Miracles” in Shangaan, straddles the Sand river in the reserve’s centre with 180 square kilometres of exclusive private land.

It is the pinnacle of safari luxury. Including one of the original family farm locations developed in to a pioneering lodge, Singita continuously reinvents itself whilst remaining highly sensitive to the beauty and sustainability of the nature and community that surrounds it.

Luxury is superb yet understated. The guides and trackers excel, and activities are diverse and include cycling in the bush, archery and stargazing. The standards of cuisine, wine and service are those of world-class hotels. It is expensive. Many guests come back, which is a testament to the value they receive.

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+27 (0)11 0837 006