River confluence mountain bike trail

The middle mountain bike trail in terms of distance is the Olifants-Letaba River Confluence Mountain Bike Trail. It contains elements with a technical difficulty rating of black, which can be walked but make this particularly enjoyable for the experienced rider.

Drive by guided game viewing vehicle from Olifants Camp to the Vutamolelo road, north-east of camp, accessible only to those participating in this unique activity. On the S44 gravel road along the Olifants River, beyond the viewpoint, a small unmarked 2-track road 10.3km (6.4 miles) from camp, leads to what must be among the ultimate mountain bike trails in the world.

The vehicle is left here and the bikes are saddled. This route passes some of the best scenery in the Kruger.

You cycle between the Letaba River on your left and the Olifants River on your right. For 6.1km (3.7 miles) along the rocky outcrops of the region, one can expect elephant, buffalo, lion, nyala, waterbuck, giraffe, zebra, klipspringer and impala to name a few species of mammals.

The area is rich in bird life and will also have any botanist enthusiastic (large Baobab trees, Adasonia digitata are en route).

Enjoy your breakfast packs on the banks of these 2 rivers while watching crocodile feasting on fish in the rapids below. The melodious call of the fish eagle combines with the occasional snorting and grunting of Hippo to make this a unique bush experience.

Spend an hour or two with your armed guides on short walks along the rivers before you start the 6km cycle ride back to the game drive vehicle. The trip is not a race and is not strenuous taking into account the time frame.

This trail is 12.2km in length.

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