Hardekool-Draai mountain bike trail

Travel with your guide in an open game viewing vehicle in a westerly direction on the main road (H1-5) for 12km. The mountain bike trail starts at Hardekool-Draai, on the banks of the Olifants River. This is a long trail and a certain degree of fitness is necessary, but the cycling is not technical and it is suitable for beginners.

The trail leads through Mopane veld, with the occasional view of the Olifants River. There are many wild highways crossing the road. These highways are game paths, constantly used by hippo and other general game, walking to and from the river. After about 5km of cycling, it is time to walk a game path.

Elephants from Olifants lookout, sheldrickfalls

The bikes are parked and a short walk down to the river will have any wildlife enthusiast excited. Remember to wear comfortable walking shoes and carry a pair of binoculars and your bird reference book in your daypack. The guides are armed and have excellent knowledge of the area’s fauna and flora.

The mountain bike trail continues for a further 6km over rocky terrain, superb for mountain biking, to where a small hippo path turns south, towards the Olifants River.

Enjoy sumptuous snacks under a huge sycamore fig tree, overlooking grunting Hippo wallowing in the Olifants River below. There are plenty of crocodile, elephant, buffalo and general game in this area. The bird life along the river is outstanding.

Cycle 10.7km back to the game drive vehicle and always remember the unspoiled wilderness encountered by foot and mountain bike.

The total distance cycled on this trail is 21.4km.

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