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THE SHADOW OF THE SUN (Ryszard Kapuscinski)

"Written with love and longing; as sharp and life enhancing as the sun that rises on an African morning." -The Sunday Times

"For more than forty years, Ryszard Kapuscinski has been the definitive voice on all things African... Almost every page in this book comes alive with his quick brilliance... He brings the world to us as no-one else." -The Observer

Polish writer and foreign correspondent Ryszard Kapuscinski may be in the twilight of a golden career spanning more than 40 years but The Shadow of the Sun, an alternative record of his experiences of Africa and its stupefying white heat, is perhaps his finest hour. This for a writer who, to echo the sentiments of Michael Ignatieff, has turned reportage into literature.

Drawn to the Developing World through an impoverished wartime upbringing, Kapuscinski arrived in Ghana in 1957 and was on hand to witness the tumultuous years in which colonial Africa was dismantled, resulting in born-again countries ripe for ransacking by despots. From the glare of Accra airport which greets him on first arrival, to the Tanzanian night of the final pages, he crosses savannah, desert and city by foot, road and train, searching out the two most important, yet inconstant commodities on the continent: shade and water.

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