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"Extraordinary ... Mario Salviati is a compelling and moving creation." -Christopher Hope, The Guardian

"Rich in insight and hope ... an impressively colourful picture of a fascinating and contradictory country." -Mark Stanton, The Scotsman

Van Heerden applies the palette of magic realism to a remote South African village in the Great Karoo, where a beautiful South African art curator undertakes a quest to procure a mystical statue. Ingi Friedlander makes the journey from Cape Town to the tiny town of Yearsonend, intent on purchasing the huge, controversial wooden monolith dubbed the Staggering Merman by local sculptor Jonty Jack Bergh, who discovered it one morning outside his cottage.

As she sounds him out on the possibility of a deal, Ingi becomes infatuated by Jonty, and she also becomes immersed in the local folklore as their relationship begins to blossom. A colorful cast of secondary characters helps bring the village to life, as its residents focus on a muddled but ardent ongoing effort to find a cache of gold that was hidden during the Boer War by Jonty's grandfather, Meerlust Bergh.

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NOUGHTS AND CROSSES (Malorie Blackman)

"Intelligent, emotional and imaginatively wicked." -Benjamin Zephaniah

"Will linger in the mind long after it has been read." -The Observer

Winner of The Childrens' Book Award

Two young people are forced to make a stand in this thought-provoking look at racism and prejudice in an alternate society. Sephy is a Cross - a member of the dark-skinned ruling class. Callum is a Nought - a “colourless” member of the underclass who were once slaves to the Crosses. The two have been friends since early childhood, but that’s as far as it can go. In their world, Noughts and Crosses simply don’t mix. Against a background of prejudice and distrust, intensely highlighted by violent terrorist activity, a romance builds between Sephy and Callum - a romance that is to lead both of them into terrible danger. Can they possibly find a way to be together?

In this gripping, stimulating and totally absorbing novel, black and white are right and wrong.

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"...a moving and startlingly original novel..." -Mail & Guardian

"A flawless, intricate, seamless weave, with magic and mystery... Mda is a master story-teller." -Sindiwe Magona

Winner of The Childrens' Book Award

In Ways of Dying, Zakes Mda's acclaimed first novel, Toloki is a "professional mourner" in a vast and violent city of the new South Africa. Day after day he attends funerals in the townships, dressed with dignity in a threadbare suit, cape, and battered top hat, to comfort the grieving families of the victims of the city's crime, racial hatred, and crippling poverty. At a Christmas day funeral for a young boy Toloki is reunited with Noria, a woman from his village. Together they help each other to heal the past, and as their story interweaves with those of their acquaintances this elegant short novel provides a magical and painful picture of South Africa today.

Ways of Dying was awarded South Africa's prestigious M-Net Book Prize, awarded by the TV channel M-Net to books written in one of South Africa's official languages, and was shortlisted for the Central News Agency (CNA) Award and the Noma Award, an Africa-wide prize founded by Shoichi Noma, onetime president of Kodansha International.

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