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You will find price indications around this site, expressed as ranges shown as little bags of money, from $$ to $$$$$+. These correspond to the daily rate per person sharing a room or a suite for a Lodge or itinerary.

Single travellers, parties with children, and larger groups should definitely enquire, as they are often offered deals which are not simple multiples of adult prices. Lodges that specialise in these types of party are also highlighted with an icon in their descriptions.

$$ Basic to Three Star R   500 - R2,000
$$$ Three & Four Star R2,000 - R3,000
$$$$ Four & Five Star R3,000 - R4,500
$$$$$ Five Star R4,500 - R7,500
$$$$$+ Five Star plus       R7,500+

$$ Basic to Three Star $ 50 - $170
$$$ Three & Four Star $170 - $250
$$$$ Four & Five Star $250 - $370
$$$$$ Five Star $370 - $620
$$$$$+ Five Star plus       $620+

$$ Basic to Three Star 50 - 160
$$$ Three & Four Star 160 - 240
$$$$ Four & Five Star 240 - 360
$$$$$ Five Star 360 - 590
$$$$$+ Five Star plus       590+

$$ Basic to Three Star 40 - 120
$$$ Three & Four Star 120 - 170
$$$$ Four & Five Star 170 - 260
$$$$$ Five Star 260 - 430
$$$$$+ Five Star plus       430+

* indicative conversion rates at Apr 2015

These price indications are based on the rack rate for the Lodge, in low season, and are not necessarily what we will be able to quote you as part of a package or with special offers. Where prices are highly seasonal (e.g. the Lodge moves price bracket at times other than Christmas or Easter), we have tried to indicate this in the description.

We normally organise Safari accommodation for you on an inclusive basis. Generally the following are included in this daily rate:

  • Dinner (Lodge icons show whether this is buffet style or fine dining)
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast or (more often) Brunch
  • Lunch (unless you are arriving or leaving on the day concerned)
  • Two game activities, usually a morning game drive and an afternoon/evening game drive
  • Refreshments on drive
  • An optional walking activity, usually in the morning after the first drive of the day.

You will see that your daily rate includes most ot the things you will need; a good comparison to make sense of this is to compare how much you would expect to spend on a day off in your home area, including meals out and activities such as a trip to the cinema or shopping.

What's included in the daily rates does vary slightly by Lodge; we specify exactly what is included in our quotes and final itineraries for you.

For example, a frequent difference between Lodges is the policy on drinks. Some include all teas and coffees, local soft drinks, beers, wines and spirits as part of the daily rate. Some exclude drinks and rather make a modest charge for them, usually operating an honesty arrangement where your bill is totted up and settled at the end of your stay. You may need to take cash to do this at some of the smaller Lodges.

Spas and treatments are another area where approaches differ. Some Lodges will include one treatment a day or one a trip. This is often true if we can extend an offer to you. In most cases, however, this is an added luxury for your own account.

Your more wild and wonderful activities - helicopter flips, horse trails, rafting, daytrips - are normally not included in the daily rate but are included in the package price that we quote to you.

We change the range indicated for a package to reflect the cost of transportation specified in that deal - internal flights, road transfers, car hire etc. These increase the average daily price when spread over the Safari.

Note that transportation is not included in the Lodge rates we show unless they are part of a package or itinerary that we plan for you. Your transport costs will depend very much on your itinerary and the order in which we plan your visit to Lodges. We will make this clear in your quote.


We provide these ranges as an indication of the price that you can expect to pay for your Safari. We only recommend Lodges which fit comfortably amongst their peers in their price range in terms of level of comfort, the game viewing in their area, and the effort that goes into this and your overall experience. We frequently visit our Lodges to check that they are up to standard, stay in touch with the owners, operators and Guides, and incorporate the experiences of our clients in our thinking.

The Safari world is dynamic, prices change and deals come and go, often last minute or for a small number of rooms or limited dates (e.g., to fill an empty weekend at an otherwise busy Lodge). We will make you aware of good offers around the time of your Safari as we help you plan.

Special Offers are an important part of running a Lodge efficiently and to the benefit of all. Being aware of the existence of these, the times that they are available, and the terms and conditions, are some of the good reasons to use an expert in booking your Safari. Special Offers can move a Lodge down an entire price range from time to time and are well worth taking into consideration.


We accept payment by VISA or Mastercard credit cards issued in all major jurisdictions. These are made securely online using a facility that we provide at the time that you confirm your booking. We do not pass fees for providing this service on to you for credit card acceptance (you will find that it is commonplace elsewhere in South Africa to add on 5% or more for the privilege of paying by card). We can accept direct bank transfers to our South African account, but recommend using cards because of the certainty of payment and the protection that they offer.

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