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The Biosphere Reserve's logo consists of three Mopani leaves (Colophospernum mopane). This tree is of significant regional value, although also present in Central Africa.

The two compound leaves are arranged so that the space between the leaflets creates an image of a human- a person surrounded by their environment.

The three leaves together represent the three functions of a Biosphere Reserve: Conservation, Development and Logistics.

The Mopani leaves represent the value of the environment to humans and other animals, particularly when used sustainably.

Mopani leaves and pods are a valuable food source to both domesticated cattle and wild animals. It is often one of few plants with browsing material available in the dry months.

Large caterpillars of the mpth Gonimbrasia belina feed on the Mopani leaves. These caterpillars are highly sought after by the local communities as a protein supplement. They are gathered when abundant, dried and stored for the months to come.

Finally, the three leaves also represent the three Biomes encompassed by the K2C Biosphere: Grassland, Forest and Savannah.

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Kruger to Canyons Biosphere Reserve   

On the 20th of September 2001 the Kruger to Canyons (K2C) Biosphere Reserve was registered in Paris by the United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). K2C is recognised under the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Programme.

It became the 411th Biosphere Reserve site to be registered in 94 countries worldwide, acknowledging the global significance of Greater Kruger bioregion, the eastern savannahs and escarpment of South Africa.

Biosphere Reserves are designated regions throughout the world where internationally important ecosystems and protected areas lie adjacent to human settlements, and are established to promote solutions to reconcile the conservation of biodiversity and its sustainable use.

The K2C Biosphere Programme is an extensive community-driven initiative situated in the east of the country. It bridges Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces, and it is also at the interface of the Eastern Transvaal Drakensberg Escarpment and the Central Lowveld.

Map of the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere Reserve

The map below depicts the extensive conservation land use within the K2C Biosphere. Covering three biomes (Savannah woodlands, afromontane forests and montane grasslands) these protected areas and resource areas are approximately 4,800,000 ha in total extent, including the Transfrontier and Escarpment protected areas.

On closer scrutiny, these protected areas make up a unique constellation of public, provincial, private reserves and natural resource areas.

In the transition zone more than 1.5 million people reside on communal land.