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Botswana's Okavango system is an immense wetland extending over 15,000 square kilometres. This is the world's only inland delta: river channels converge in a panhandle and then fan out at the end of their long journey from Angola's mountains. Ninety-five percent of the Delta's water evaporates here; the rest is swallowed up by the sands and vast salt pans of the arid Kalahari desert. This exceptional wilderness area is celebrated for its game viewing, incredible landscape, ancient eco-systems and meandering waterways that feed a magnitude of species.

Hippos and crocodiles abound in the riverine system; lion, buffalo, leopard, elephant and giraffe are present in numbers. Watching the 444 species of bird and game viewing (122 mammals, 64 reptiles) from a mokoro is one of the best experiences in Botswana.

Mokoro is the name given to the traditional local dug-out canoe. There is nothing better than a man-propelled boat to explore the wonders of the Okavango Delta. Not dissimilar to punts or gondolas, mokoros offer an intimate method to glide silently and unseen through the narrow channels and shallower waters.

Powered by your standing oarsman, your mokoro's small, narrow shape and great manoeuvrability enables you to delve deeply into the Okavango Delta to get closer to the details of nature that create the bigger picture.

Activities on offer include exploring the Delta by mokoro, on-foot and by motorised tender boats. Walking safaris require comfortable walking shoes and lightweight clothing; and enjoy the peace and quiet of the surroundings. Guides will conduct the walk and take guests into big game sightings safely and securely, while offering one of the most incredible experiences in Africa. Learn about tracks and signs of the bush, while investigating the area in close detail.

Exploring the Okavango Delta by foot on a walking safari

Each day after breakfast you may be in for a tour of the winding waterways by motorised boat. Packing some refreshments and not forgetting cameras, binoculars and bird books, you are taken on a leisurely cruise in between the reed beds and through the river channels of the Delta. Game viewing is abundant, and these cruises often offer the opportunity to come up close to water loving large mammals, like hippo and elephant. Catch-and-release fishing is possible here.

Safari by boat tender in the Okavango Delta


This is a non-participation mobile safari where all the pitching of tents, stoking of fires, and pouring of drinks is done for you. The camp is mobile and you may well find yourselves enjoying more than one location. All that is required of you is a little rough living in the true great outdoors tradition. Camp is set up before you arrive (or come back to a new location), when a fire is crackling away and a cold drink awaits. The cooking is done over another fire-pit behind the scenes, providing delicious, traditionally cooked 3-course meals. Lanterns light the camp-site and tents keeping things natural and subtle during the peaceful evenings in the bush.

Dome tented camp mobile safari in the Okavango Delta

Traditional, canvas dome-style tents are khaki green and equipped with mosquito-mesh windows and a shade cover in front creating a rustic 'patio'. Blending in with the bush and leaving no tracks, this is the most eco-friendly way to experience the Delta.

Dome tents are setup with individual, ensuite bathroom tents that contain within their canvas walls, bucket showers and eco-toilets. In the bedroom part of the tent are 2 stretchers with mattresses, duvets and pillows for comfortable sleeping.

You will start your Delta Safari with a short aerial safari by light aircraft, before taking a river transfer to the current location of the camp on an area of land in between the muddled waterways of the Delta. The quick flight from Maun to Xaxaba (pronounced 'Kakaba') is scenic, so keep your eyes open and view the Delta from above. At the airstrip, you are met by your hosts and are transferred to the camp via boat and then, finally, a mokoro.



Highly recommended

  • A fantastic, budget-priced multi-mode Safari introducing you to the wonders of the Delta with a flight, mokoro trips, boat cruises and walking safaris
  • If you have time, combine the rough-and-ready of camping in the wilderness with the comforts of one of the excellent houseboats we recommend

Don't miss

  • Make sure you experience the mokoro trips and also take a boat cruise to explore farther afield and take you to a dry place for a decent walk